Put on your headphones, this is a listicle.

I can’t believe it’s December already! It feels like yesterday that 2015 began and now it’s coming to an end. A lot has happened this year and I have been mysteriously (well, I say mysterious you say writer’s block) absent from this blog. This is the first post, hopefully of many, that I have been planning on writing for the last six months.

Today I have a list of podcasts to share with you that I listened through for most of last year during lab work. They have introduced me to more than a few remarkable authors and narrators. From early in the mornings yelling at the PCR machines to late in the evening as the fishes swam in their tanks, these stories have kept me company with wondrous adventures and spooky whispers. And while I would like to ask them to take my money and just keep doing what they do best, I am but one person and sadly not made out of money. This is where you lovely people come in. If you can, please consider donating/subscribing to one (or all of them if that floats your boat) of the podcasts mentioned below. In no particular order:

  • Far-Fetched Fables: Part of the District of Wonders, this is one of those podcasts that is guaranteed to transport you to another world.
    Favourite: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Monsters by Alex Shvartsman (Ep. 52)
  • Clarkesworld: This really doesn’t need any introduction. A Hugo award-winning magazine that you should feast your eyes and ears on.
    Favourite: When Your Child Strays From God by Sam J. Miller
    Cat Pictures Please by Naomi Kritzer

I personally can only be of so much help to the wonderful people running these podcasts, but I still wanted to do something else as a thank you for keeping me entertained for the better part of a year. So here you are. Let me know which stories tugged your interest!

This is not a sponsored post.

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