Of Accidental Purchases and Ants

So I kind of forgot that my card information was on my Mac App Store account and ended up purchasing the distraction-free writing app, OmmWriter. While I have been considering buying it for quite sometime, buying apps is still a bit of a new thing for me. See I am more used to the shady, back alley dealings when it comes to softwares. Yes, I blame my life as a Windows user for all the torrents I have ever downloaded (and incidentally infected my previous two laptops…I think…).

Now that being said, I am enjoying using the app. As a matter of fact, this post was written entirely on OmmWriter. There are eight background options in the app with seven different sound tracks. Not to mention, this app takes the idea of distraction free to a whole new level. I reviewed another distraction-free writing app last year called Imagine and while it was wonderful to use, these two apps are quite different from each other. Though for me the difference is more of a feel as opposed to anything concrete. Functionality wise they are both similar. They both share an open layout, minimal editing gimmicks and a small size. But that’s where the similarity ends. The background options on OmmWriter are not just muted shades of different color like Imagine. They are rather beautiful scenes and ‘chromatherapies’, muted but not washed-out and I am quite partial towards the slight warm tone most of them seem to carry. Add to this the auditory stimulation of various soundtracks such as ocean, piano and what I am guessing is a piano next to a fireplace, the combination is rather marvellous.

My only complain would be that I would like to listen to leaves rustling as well if I could preferably with a forest backdrop. (Yes, I know. Nothing can even please me 100%.) Oh and you also have the choice to include keyboard sounds which can be quite fun as a way of goofing off as you work (at least for me it was). Some of these sounds are soft and toned-down while others are sharp and soothing at the same time. I think the only way to sum up OmmWriter would be to think of it as a small meditation window where instead of putting that thought somewhere at the back of your head you actually type it out. My favourite combination would be the ocean mix accompanied by the typewriter sound, something about the “tap tap” as I type is oddly validating. Oh and the best thing about this app is that all the options hide as soon as you start typing, leaving behind a screen filled with just your words.

And as I am typing this post, a couple of ants are making their way to my bed. Did I mention I have been having an ant problem for the last couple of weeks? Well I have and they are annoyingly persistent in their hunt for non-existent sweet things. Seriously ants, my water bottle contains just water please leave it alone. Annoyance aside, their persistence is remarkable in the sense that they are possibly insane but stubborn, something I fear I am going to have to be for the next four months with my lab work and thesis. And while I may not find my sugar I may just be able to survive with some of my sanity. My battle plan? Productively distracting. Or distracting productivity whichever way gives the illusion that I am somewhat of an adult.
So anyway, happy writing dear friends may you find that sweet spot of productivity. (Also try out OmmWriter, it’s the new thing I am gushing about.)

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