“Reward Thyself” said the Froggie!

If you have been following me on twitter (@HereBeNabila) then you know that the last few weeks have been an endless cycle of typing away a literature review, sleeping and then typing while living off of coffee. A literature review that turned out to be a colossal task and showed me just how disastrous my writing habits can be and how much my management skills suck. Yeap, I said it. I have terrible management (time or otherwise) skills. Well, I am actively trying to be better by using a planner and so far it hasn’t been terribly successful what with me catching up to the things that should have been dealt with weeks ago. BUT now that I am all caught up with the things, I am making a promise to myself to not let things get this terrifying. Hopefully I will have a better luck this time around in keeping my promise.
Speaking of promises, I have been meaning to write this post for quite a few weeks but well I am me, hence I didn’t. (Note to Self: Write it when the thought comes to your mind. You will NOT remember it later on. No, you won’t. Trust me you WON’T.)
Anyway, this post is the love child of a certain Froggie I have come to know over the course of last year and she is awesome! She came up with a ‘Reward System’ that I find to be rather motivating and helpful when I have a lot of things to do and don’t particularly want to do them. Of course it also works for things you want to do but are too lazy to actually get off your butt to do.PhD reading, writing and presenting tips Sept2012
So fear not denizens of the interweb, I give you THE SYSTEM!
Step 1. Assign points to your to-do list.
Step 2. Do the things.
Step 3. Accumulate points.
Step 4. Get the reward.
Step 5. Feel good about yourself.
Step 6. Repeat.
(There is no hierarchy of points. Put a price tag on the points, as in X number of points will get you that special brand of coffee you wanted to try but didn’t. Small things like that.)
Though the wise Froggie says you have to be careful on handling the points lest you end up with a million points in your hand (true story). My advice to you would be to couple this system with an app like HabitBull that lets you keep track of those daily things you need to do in an easy manner. Then you can use the data from there to add up the points. For example, if I manage to stick to my cleaning schedule for two weeks I get that slice of cake I wanted. Note, the rewards should be things you want and not need. Also according to Froggie your rewards should be things that are good for you, so don’t take this opportunity to get shitfaced please!
May you have a productive month (or what’s left of it) and may I manage to stick to my routine!

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