Don’t bring out the kittens…

For the last couple of months I have been dabbling with the concept of minimalism while still holding onto some of the things. That was my first mistake.

Minimalism isn’t this throw away everything into the Bay of Bengal idea. What it is, is a surprisingly clean notion of getting rid of the things that you have been holding onto because of sentimentality and/or because you hoard stuff like these dragons. (No, I am not a dragon. I really wish I was though.)


Now back to minimalism and me stumbling through it. For me what seems to be working is finding that delicate balance between deciding the things I can do without and things I absolutely need as well as want, because let’s face it need is good, want is better for the soul (semantics…). Today at the Charity Bazaar in the Uni (we seem to be having a LOT of charity bazaars this semester) I slightly veered away from my minimalistic approach and felt like running away with all the cute, handmade things and plants. But thank Doctor Who, The Writer was there with me and she reminded me in a very come-back-from-planet-cute-this-instant voice that I am actually broke this month and I really don’t need that hand sewn lanyard and card holder. No, don’t be swayed by the kittens.

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