A friend of mine recently told me that I have a habit for attracting bad situations because I tend to plan to some extent for the worst case scenario. Now, I don’t buy into this notion that we somehow can attract misfortune while pushing away a stroke of good luck. For me it feels like that once you slip, you tend to think of the other things that could go wrong… a lot like how bad things supposedly come in threes. For me, it’s an odd combination of self-fulfilling prophecy and probability working against you.

This is my attitude towards things at the moment.

Another saying about bad luck is the infamous silver lining story. Well, for once can I just have the silver lining and you keep the black cloud? No? Thought so.

Well, I am only human and at times susceptible to ideas such as bad luck or silver linings. So if you were to ask me what would be the silver lining of this recent roadblock,depending on the time of the day and how much sleep I have had my answer might surprise you. I realised I was spending a lot of time on my Mac, and by a lot I mean every possible waking hour including but not limited to work and socializing purposes. Considering that I can function on 6 hours of sleep that leaves me with 18 hours, majority of which I spent on the internet. Basically I was a girl gone wild internet edition. So yeah, I have a problem that I am only seeing after I have been forced to be separate from my baby (My Mac book Pro, duh!) for the next two weeks.

Now, I strongly believe that every problem has at the very least one solution. My solution to my internet-dependency for basically everything is a bit of everything. Finish going through the stack of books I have in my room, cook more, embark on more thorough cleaning of my place… you get the picture. Yes, it is difficult to keep up with my work because I now have to rely on the computers in the University and I can’t work overnight on them but there isn’t anything else to be done. Despite the headaches, I am getting a better sense of my working hours.

Would you look at that I sort of discovered positive things in an otherwise terrible (and expensive) month! Now excuse me while I eat my sorrows away.

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