Wait, I don’t get the results in a second?! THIS IS NEWS TO ME!

I wish I was doing Movie-Science.

Then I could be wearing heels to make myself look taller or slippers that let my feet breathe, my hair down to get that windy look by the sudden wind through the open window with tea sitting right next to my samples. And did I mention I could use all the equipments without so much as booking it in days advance or waiting for the incubation period to be over in a snap so I could rush to the press saying “Groundbreaking Stuff you all, like earth shattering”… And everything would make sense and be EXACTLY how I wanted it to be without zooming in and out a dozen times. And I wouldn’t have to stick my hand in the -20C fridge looking for my samples, or worry about autoclaving or damn it why are all the cabinets so high up?!

So yeah, movie-science. That’s the dream.


I had about 7 hours of waiting for things to just finish running in lab today, such excitement. (Ok, I did enjoy learning new stuff. Asked a whole bunch of questions but it was fun!)

Listen up strangers on the internet, part of doing science is in fact figuring out how to manage your time better, get a dozen things done while half a dozen other things are running and getting your literature-hunting mode on because you also have a side project going that keeps changing from time to time in your head. Ok, the side project bit is entirely mine but this is the gritty story of science in lab. You do get to play with some really cool machines but remember to sob into the SOP first. Also expect cursing; a lot of interesting ones at that especially if you are in the fish room. Happy lab-ing!

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