Hey flight gods, listen up!

I send a small prayer out into the universe every time I fly. Perhaps prayer isn’t the right word given that my plea has no religious attachments, but it does seem to describe the urgency of the situation. So I whisper a prayer before every flight and throw out a tweet on the internet. Oddly enough, it’s not about reaching my destination in one piece. It is however, asking the airplane deities if maybe they could not let that creepy dude sit next to me for a change?

If you are female and have travelled by yourself or without the shadow of a male ‘guardian’ then you know exactly why I routinely send this small request out in the world. For those of you have been spared from the hell that is known as being trapped in a metal tube for more than four hours next to that guy who will harass the female flight attendants, keep staring at you even if you are not sitting next to the window and will try to chat you up despite you pointedly putting on your headphones… I think I just illustrated my point. And if you would like to hear more than ask anyone flying on her own or with a few friends. Tales will range from waking you up by tugging on your sleeve to ask for a pen, trying to take your luggage to prove some point of chivalry, an oops-a-daisy moment of mistaking your thighs for the armrest… and you know what, I will be flying back in a couple of days so why don’t we see what else happens…

In the meantime, if you are flying may the odds be in your favour.

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