So you’re having a shit day…

“Our hands are tied.”

I think I heard and said that phrase over a dozen times since yesterday, sometime in exasperation and others in bitterness. The end result is the same nonetheless. There isn’t anything to be done. So, I went out for a night with friends and had some fun conversations. Also bought a pair of shoes because of course my heels would break on the way to a party. And then woke up this morning remembering the 2 minutes mini-meltdown I had in a washroom after I got the news about yet another visa problem that was entirely the fault of a clerical error that I am going to end up paying for… possibly dearly.

Here’s the thing, there really isn’t anything I can do now. Other than keeping a level head and preparing for the worst case scenario, it’s my hands that are tied. This sudden sense of shrugging off the weight of everything that is going wrong feels oddly relieving, or perhaps it’s justly so. Call it personal growth (well I am calling it that), I am handling this new mess a lot better than my earlier forays into controlling the chaos. I don’t know what happens next, but I would like to think it won’t be something that I can’t handle (…and I just jinxed myself. Wonderful!).

Upside to the heel debacle, I got this lovely pair because I couldn’t be barefoot.


If you are having a similar bad day then you could check out LifeHacker’s post that science-s it. (Yes, I just used science as a verb. I am (/was) having a shit day.)

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