I cooked, and it wasn’t a disaster.

I remember saying a few days back how living in a dorm is a lot like 24/7 life hacking your way through. Well, this is one such life hack. Listen up those of you who live in dorms that will not allow you to feed yourself like decent human beings and insist on confiscating your hot plates, ovens and stoves, you can do wonders with the humble rice cooker. (Note: This is NOT a call to rebel against the dorm rules, I am sure they have their reasons.)

Now the rice cooker, did you know you can in fact cook a lot of things other than rice in it? Let “Rice Cooker: Not Just For Rice” be your mantra in the kitchen. Today I give you the pasta dish so easy even I could make it.  (I wasn’t cooking with the thought of putting it up on the blog so there are no ‘in the making’ photos, just the end result which frankly was damn good. The recipe was made with Canva, which is awesome for making designs for free!)

Yes, it was edible and beautiful and I am happy.
Yes, it was edible and beautiful and I am happy.

Remember: The aluminium pan is hot so handle with care and always use the plastic spatula provided to stir.

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