Do it NOW. Yes, right now.

Nothing sours a well laid plan like not starting said well laid plan. Something you might do if you are anything like me (or perhaps me in general). If there is anything I am sure I excel at it’s making plans. And their back up plans. Actually starting on the plans? That require more cajoling and pushing myself or a sudden emergency. Sudden emergencies are in a way good because I end up throwing all the fancy parts of my plan and working with just the bare bones. I have been sketching and scheming for the last week about various things till I reached a point where I realised I need to get things done and I have to do them to get them done.

Someone wise once told me that we are meant to live a bit more in this world of flesh and blood and a tad less in our head.

So dear self, start somewhere. Just start.

3 thoughts on “Letters to My Self

  1. I can so relate to this! And yes, it is indeed about starting; once you start, you tend to keep going. For some more on this, you can go look at Sarah’s really great at getting to the roots of what the barriers to starting are.


      1. absolutely! She’s one of the first ‘real’ positive voices I found that really helped me figure out just how to be more positive in an authentic (i.e. not barfing rainbows) way. What I like: she doesn’t pretend to have all the answers, but definitely has some insight. She can sometimes talk about things in a non-scientific woo-woo way, but doesn’t go overboard with it; mostly it’s well grounded.


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