Paranoia and Aliens. RUN!

A slight touch of paranoia could have helped the crew of Prometheus. I mean, who takes a casual two and a half-year long stroll through space to meet their ‘makers’ and not expect even the tiniest hint of the ever potent parental eyebrow raising? Or that our existence has as much meaning as we choose to pour into it, which is a nicer way of saying on a grand scale we resemble specks of dust: pretty to look at when caught in a stray beam of sunlight but a pain to get rid of. I am going to side with the android in this case and repeat his sentiments on the rocky relationship between creation and creator: we create because we can. There is no grander scheme in play, no deeper meaning in watching a crawling species take its first step other than the curiosity that has driven our thirst to know more, to peel back the skin and prod at the flesh. Perhaps it’s this bitter disappointment in finding that we were merely just another toy for a bored child we begin to hate our creator with even more passion. Like a child asking their parent why they aren’t good enough to love.

I feel I should specify that when I talk of creator or creation it’s entirely from a philosophical point and has more to do with my musings from the film as opposed to any particular religion.

So where were we before this detour into creator and creation? Ah yes, paranoia. As many of you know I am more or less a paranoid being. My backup plans have their own backup plans, or so I like to say. And justifiably so. Some of the burden of this sense of paranoia lies with my anxiety disorder, or is it the other way around? One may never know. What I do know is this: after watching Prometheus this week I am kind of glad I have that nagging voice at the back of my head telling me to have an exit strategy planned. It doesn’t have to be a concrete plan, it just has to have the barebones to work when shit hits the fan, which it eventually will (this is basically what my brain thinks by default). In my case the assurance of a Plan B can be more comforting than the original plan succeeding. It is a rather bizarre notion to understand if you don’t have a similar worst-case-scenario mapped in your head for most things.

I’ll be honest, it is a pain to unintentionally wait for the other shoe to drop. It takes a toll on your mind and at times on your relationship with other people. But, and this is a rather big but for me: it helps as well. And not just to high tail out of your alien overlord’s house. I am far more prepared to power down and rethink my strategies while I tweak existing backup plans to make something work. This applies to anything from a lab protocol to my day-to-day budgeting. Hell, it even works when I am going out for the night with a strip of paracetamol in my purse. I don’t usually get the muscle ache that comes from dancing on heels but like I said, one may never know.

So if you share a similar state of paranoia on all things outside your realm of control, make yourself a nice cup of vanilla chai latte and take comfort that should our alien overlords come to smack some sense into us, you will probably last a few minutes longer than most because you knew to look behind you for scaly, tall creatures with rows of teeth. Just a thought.


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