I took Xanax last night before sleeping as instructed. Turns out 0.5 mg is a bit too much for me, probably because I am used to taking Norium for my migraine as well. But I swear by the cute bunnies everywhere that was one hell of a sleep. And before I drifted off, I could definitely feel the dry mouth and lowering of inhibitions, well at least I spoke my mind about things or so my sister reports. Turns out I complained a lot about people being assholes. So probably will reduce my dosage to 0.25 mg and then see tonight again.

ProDep seems to be working as well, slight dryness of the mouth but other than that I can concentrate a bit better. Though I wonder is it because I want to concentrate better or is it because of the medication? Guess only time will tell.

Mom is scheduled for surgery on either Wednesday or Thursday. A friend of mine is getting married then but I SO don’t want to go to her shindig mostly because they won’t understand my situation. (Did someone say selfish snobs?)

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