Here Goes…

I am going to get through this.

That’s what I kept telling myself in the shower. I will make it through. I have survived an entire high school period of bullying, family trouble I will get through this. I will try my best not to assign blame to anyone or any incident. I am going to make it through because I will. I know sheer force of will won’t be enough but I have to accept that I have a problem, a psychological issue that I have to work through. And I need to stop associating my deferred subject (Statistics) with fear and what-ifs. I will make sense out of it and it will be fine. Now excuse me while I keep repeating that to myself every time my heart starts racing.

I had a really bad day yesterday and today hopefully will be okay, okay enough for me to go outside.

2 thoughts on “Here Goes…

  1. You are gonna get through this.., try some deep breathing techniques, then turn on all the lights in you house , open your curtains let the outside come to you…maybe after getting use to it go take a short walk…if you can’t its okay…you’ll try again tomorrow! BIG HUG


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